Areas of responsibility:

Any waterway within the jurisdiction of the Borough of Avon-By-The Sea, Neptune City, Bradley Beach, or the Township of Neptune, including, the Atlantic Ocean, Shark River, Wesley Lake, Fletcher Lake, Lake Alberta, Sylvan Lake, and Jumping Brook.

Any area where requested for Mutual Aid response.

Criteria for request for response:

Any water related emergency, including:

Units available for response:

Basic Response Protocol:

Rescue swimmers arrive - begin rescue / recovery

Police arrive - set-up Incident Command

Rescue Swimmers / PWC assist rescue / recovery

Boat launched - responds to scene unless directed otherwise by CP or USCG

Ambulances arrive - either set-up or stage

Scene Security arrives - initiates access control

Traffic Control arrives - initiates traffic control and relocation of response vehicles

Dive team arrives and begins preparation

Crisis Counselors directed to witnesses; family of victims

Summary of Response Protocol:

    I. Dispatch

                A. Direct Call to local PD - pager dispatch

                B. 9-1-1 / County - notify local PD - hotline

    II. Response

        1. Land Based:

                A. Local PD

                B. Rescue Swimmers (personal vehicles 3-4 minutes of scene)

                C. Rescue Divers (personal vehicle)

                D. Local EMS (one ambulance to scene - one mutual aid to scene - all others to staging)

                E. Water Rescue vehicle to scene

                F. Command Post to scene (w/staff)

                G. Night Calls - Hand Lighting to scene

                H. Traffic control / Scene Security to scene

                I. Coast Guard Coordinator to scene

                J. Staging Area established and staffed

       2. Water Based:

                A. Rescue Swimmer / personal watercraft to scene

                B. Answer Boat to scene

                C. Coast Guard Boat to scene